11. Building Krptn

In case there aren’t any pre-built wheels on PyPI for your platform, you may need to build from source.

11.1. Building from source

Note: apart from x86 on Windows, only 64-bit environments are supported.

To build Krptn, you will need:

After cloning the repo from GitHub (and checking out your version using git tags), please build and install OpenSSL 3, which is included as a git submodule:

  • Install openssl in the kr-openssl-install/ and place configurations in kr-openssl-config/ directories.

    • Therefore, in the configure script, you need --prefix and --openssldir set.

  • As Krptn uses the FIPS module, please set enable-fips also.

For complete instructions on building OpenSSL, please see OpenSSL’s installation instructions.

For example (Windows example):

perl Configure --prefix="C:\Users\markb\source\repos\krypton\kr-openssl-install" \
  --openssldir="C:\Users\markb\source\repos\krypton\kr-openssl-config" \

You need to both build and install OpenSSL:

make install

To install the extension:

pip install .