5. Migrating to Krptn


Before attempting migration please read User Auth.

Multiple methods exist to migrate from your existing IAM to Krptn. We will explore the following two options:

  • Creating a script to move all users at once

  • Migrating users one-by-one as they login

5.1. Moving all users

To achieve this, you will have to set an initial password for the users. Copy all data into Krptn, and force the user to change their password on the next login.

5.2. Migrating Users One-By-One

When a user logs in, you can check whether they are saved in Krptn. If not, create them using the User Auth API. Since you still have the user’s old password (they entered it when logging in), you can avoid creating an initial password. After that, you can copy the user’s data into Krptn’s user object.